Team - VRWorkout

XRWorkout Team

We are passionate about health and fitness for improving quality of life
Our goal is creating the future of exercise in Virtual and Augmented reality

Dr. Michael Gschwandtner

Co-founder and CTO

Applying his passion for sensors and tracking to push the boundaries of body movements in VR. Creator of the BlenSor Sensor Simulation Toolkit used by big research institutions like NASA JPL, DARPA and ESA.
PhD in Applied Computer Science working in the field of computer vision for autonomous passenger trains.

Alex Azzi

Co-founder and CEO

Professional Biohacker, international speaker, psychology specialist, and high-calibre digital marketer CEO. Labelled as “The UK’s Leading Biohacker” & Founder of The Health Optimisation Summit. Investor in, and advisory board member of, multiple health related start-ups.
Immersive experience in Psychology and Conversion Optimization.

Mat Schramm

Creative director

Writer, producer and director of commercials (Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, …) to feature films. Founder of the online mental health platform Talkcircle. Focused on creating film, animation and new media, especially virtual & augmented reality experiences.
Love for tech, creative content and enhanced storytelling through digital worlds with an underlying passion to make a difference in peoples life.

April Hu

Asia director

.Bicultural and bilingual in Western and Chinese environments, bridging cultures, people and technology in Asia for the past 30 years. Passion to close the gaps between the haves and have nots by democratising access to education, energy, and water. Focused on Virtual Reality for leadership.
Yale BSc in Electrical Engineering and Stanford MBA.

Bastiaan Olij

XR platform integrations

Core developer for AR/VR support in the GodotEngine. Creator of several AR and VR development tutorials.
Strong technical background in XR development and OpenXR integration.

Tony Greenberg


Investor and partner in $60B+ exits from internet to blockchain. We run an investment fund and growth accelerator for advanced human tech, telecom, healing/health tech and fair banking.