The Most Effective
workout in
Virtual Reality

With gentle modes for beginners & seniors

Total Home Fitness with a free and
open-source VR fitness game

  • A “workout first” VR music game with hand tracking based full body exercises in boot camp style workouts, your fitness wins regardless of your score
  • Physically engaging experience with elements of calisthenics, high intensity interval & circuit training
  • Activates your whole body compared to just certain areas with squatting, pushups, side planks, crunches, jumping, burpees and more
  • Workouts are progressively generated to always stay fresh, and if you have 3 minutes you have a VR workout
  • We believe we are the strongest workout in VR, pushing the boundaries of what is possible The biggest opponent is your own body”

Recognized & Respected By The Industry

Most engaging VR fitness experience

Burn up to 500kcal in 30 minutes

  • Play with hand tracking on the Oculus Quest.
  • Automatically generated sessions. No two sessions are the same.
  • Audio instructions.
  • Challenge other players with your workout.
  • Custom songs.
  • Freeplay mode without music, play to your own background music.
  • Heart rate driven gameplay.
  • Online workout analysis.

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Meet the team with the dream

Alex Azzi


Alex is a serial health & wellness entrepreneur and has launched & scaled multiple health apps, both mobile and VR.

As CEO his role is to lead & grow the venture and to evangelize the importance & value of the project.

Dr Michael


Dr Michael is an advanced technologist & built VRWorkout to provide himself a more effective workout than the other options available.

His expertise is perfectly suited for this venture, and we have only started to mine his talents.

Samer Khoury

Finance & Strategy Director

Samer has been responsible for financial analysis & control at companies like Intel & Mars, and is bringing such discipline to our venture as well as helping in all areas related to our corporate strategy.

April Hu

Co-Founder & Global Strategy Director

Co-Founder & Global Strategy Director

A Yale Engineer & Stanford MBA as well as accomplished entrepreneur and corporate leader, April is responsible for steering the 4.5B person Asia opportunity for VRWorkout

Mat Schramm

Creative Director

Mat is a visionary, futurist and, technologist and has worked with leading global brands and talent.

His role is to help us bring the dream fitness experience of the future to life.

Other Key Team-Mates

Bastiaan Olij

VR Dev

Active & key team member of Godot Game Engine since 2017, when for a hobby he added VR support for the most popular VR platforms at the time to this engine. Regularly publishes tutorials on subjects related to VR, AR and Godot game development.


VR UX Agency

Wowlab makes clean and emotional UX/UI design for VR/AR projects and is one of the few VR specialized UX agencies worldwide.

Zubin Wadia

Visual effects, Game dev, AR/VR technologist.

Has worked for world class 3D art creators such as Weta, DreamWorks and Disney.

Has developed and published his own VR tower defense game.

Mo Alghossein

Multi-award-winning creative agency owner and creative director/branding guru.

Worked for global brands such as Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Cadillac, Red Bull, and many more


Corporate Strategy & Investment Firm

RampRate is a leading global business planning & sourcing advisory firm serving some of the world’s most important brands and emerging companies. They operate an accelerator, fund and marketplace.

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