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Is hand tracking required?

Hand tracking is the preferred play style, but if your headset does not have hand tracking you can start off with your controllers in your hands. Some exercises like the pushups and burpees will not work very well with controllers in hand, however, one option would be to mount the controllers on your wrists.

My tracking is glitchy. What can I do?
  • Avoid playing in sunlight. The morning sun comes in very shallow and strong, the hard hard sunlight can cause problems with hand tracking and tracking in general
  • If you are playing with artificial light try to light your room evenly
  • Avoid too many reflecting surfaces in your exercise space (big windows count too)
  • Make sure the lenses of the 4 tracking cameras are clean. Sometimes they can get smudged, especially when doing fitness
  • Use open palms instead of fists
  • Keep both hands in front of you as much as possible (don’t let one arm down when it is not used, the Quest can get confused if it does not see both hands)
  • Try to move your whole body as much as possible, not just your arms. This reduces movement relative to your headset and improves tracking
  • Try to keep the motions fluid

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Use atyour own risk!

This game does not check if you bump into your surroundings.

This is a physical workout game with a lot of movement which can have the risk of injury. Always use common sense when performing the movements inside the game.

If you feel that some exercises are too dangerous DO NOT PERFORM them. You acknowledge that this software is free and you are using it at your own risk.

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